Church Restoration

Restoring Your Church

Preserving a church’s historical significance is the most important component of any restoration project. At United Builders Of Lumberton Inc, we have years of experience restoring churches. We can preserve the original architectural details, while updating carpeting, furnishings, and audio and video equipment.

We can beautifully restore ornate plaster, wooden crown moldings, and decorative millwork, so many generations to come can enjoy these features. Our restoration specialists pay close attention to detail, and take the time to understand your vision for the restored space. If your vision changes along the way, don’t be afraid to tell us. We will be happy to adjust our restoration plans accordingly. 

Getting Started 

Our general contractors are hardworking, experienced, and most importantly devoted to uniting communities. After all, that’s why they call us United. If you are interested in teaming up with our crew, we’d love to speak with you. Contact us today, and share your restoration vision with us.  
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